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Madrasatul Mansur Bangladesh

Madrasatul Mansur Bangladesh

Madrasatul Mansur Bangladesh ( মাদ্রাসাতুল মানসুর বাংলাদেশ ) : There is acquiring knowledge specially Islamic knowledge is an important duty of every Muslim in a Islam. Hazrat Anas Ibn Malek Narrated, the prophet Muhammad (sm) said: obtaining Islamic knowledge is most needed to every Muslims. [suabul Iman, ha. No -1665]
The source of Islamic knowledge is the holy Quran and sun-nah. Men’s success of here after is depended on following the Allah’s commands and messenger’s rules in their lives. That is why, every Muslim should earn Quranic knowledge. But Islamic education is a neglected subject in our Bangladesh. Till now, we are following the education system which is cultivated by entry Islam British colonial. There is no minimum Islamic knowledge and morality in that education system.
On the other side, kowmi madrasa is being operated according to that old syllabus which was made 150 years ago. When this country was under British. At that situation, our Ulama just wanted to save primary and main education. For this reasons, general knowledge and international language was not under that syllabus, but at the running situation all departments of educated students are not been involved at this functions.
So, this nation is being bereaving from the service of such as honest, brave, patriot and intelligent citizens. And madrasa educated students are being out of social and governmental function. That is why, we started to walk on a new way by including old and new syllabus system. To fulfill this demand of nation was founded in 2018 Madrasatul Mansur Bangladesh.
We hope that, this institution will be able to make up intelligent, skilled and patriot citizens, who will spread the calling for Islam to all governmental sectors and international area.
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